Science Business Analytics

We use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to monitor the entire scientific ecosystem.

Companies and organizations of all sizes use our proprietary technology to achieve scientific and business results.

We collect colossal amounts of information. Scientific articles, grants, institutional information. Using proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms these data points are structured into a real-time, 360 view of the scientific ecosystem.
  • new research areas
  • industrial connections
  • market sizes
  • vendor activity
  • key institutions and opinion leaders
  • collaborations, influence, reach

... and much more
Since our creation in 2012, we have worked with many private companies and public organizations. Through one-time projects or long-term integrations into information systems, we ensure customers of all sizes reach their goals.

Facten was founded in 2012 to help all stakeholders benefit from the overwhelming amount of data available in the scientific ecosystem.

We believe fact-based decisions are just as important for public organizations as for private companies.

We work with startup companies or large organizations with the same dedication.

Whether you use our self-service web application or task us to build custom data pipelines, we love to push the limit of what is possible.

By working with all stakeholders, by making the ecosystem more rational, streamlined and efficient, we try in our way to contribute to the global scientific enterprise.

But most of all, we love challenges. What is your challenge?
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